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Rwanda Eco-Tours, African Adventure

The "nice to knows"

We wish for your adveture to be immersive, but also safe. Below you can find some practical tips, opportunities to volunteer or intern in ecotourism and community development. Explore Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi responsibly.

a few practical tips


Rwanda Eco-Tours takes the health and safety of its clients seriously, and takes every measure to ensure that trips are safe, fun and enjoyable for everyone. We recommend that all clients check with the national travel advisory organization for the latest information before departure. But we will do our best to let you know just in case.


Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi are safe countries, but we recommend you get updated information from us in this regards. We advise you to get a travel insurance but if you don’t have it don’t hesitate to let us know so that we can advise you accordingly.


We believe giving something back is essential. We therefore work with our customers and the people we visit to ensure the benefits go directly to contribute to local cultures and environmental conservation. This is not only good the communities we visit but it also gives our clients more enriched adventures.


We have volunteer and internship opportunities in areas of ecotourism, community based tourism and other areas related to conservation and community development. If you are interested in any volunteer or internship opportunities, do let us know.


We encourage you to travel with an open mind to learn and share your experience with local people. Local people always love to share their living experiences with you and we would love you to share with them your life stories as well.

Cancelation policy

Any changes in travel arrangement must be communicated to Rwanda Eco-Tours immediately. This will help us offer alternatives that may fit your needs or cancel that booking as a whole.


We do reserve the right to charge cancellation fees that may be incurred by failure to allow us sufficient time to amend the arrangements originally requested. Additional cost for changes of arrangements shall be borne by the client.


The cancellation policy below applies to all packages designed & operated by the company, Rwanda Eco Tours. Kindly note that we are not liable to refund you if it does not fall into our guidelines.


1. Up to 70 days prior to your arrival, 20% of the total cost will be forfeited as cancellation fees.

2. Then should cancellation be received between 60 -69 days prior to your arrival, 50% of the total cost would be levied as cancellation charge.

3. Cancellation received in less than 60 days or 2 months prior to your arrival would attract 100% of the total paid as cancellation fee.

4. Payment for Gorilla Permits is non refundable.

Rwanda Eco-Tours, African Adventure
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