Rwanda Eco-Tours  like other companies in Rwanda offers all safaris in the country. The major difference is that we offer ECO & RESPONSIBLE safaris in Rwanda and beyond, that DIRECTLY benefits the local community around Rwanda's National Parks as an incentive for conservation and where you can be part of both the conservation and the community.

Secondly the company is owned and run by Rwandans who have extensive experience and knowledge in tourism and conservation which allows you to experience the natural and human wonders of the country, as you encounter the beauty, the people, the culture, the nature and the spirit of Rwanda.

Our philosophy is giving back to the community in places we visit to change lives, to protect and conserve our environment and the life of our people. While with us, we will take you to visit most of our projects with the communities and if you have time you can have a hands-on-experience through active participation.


 Tour Packages

Short Gorilla Trek

1 day exploring the wonders of nature
From $

Offer: Get a free Park entry
USD 30

This life-changing experience with the gorillas is tailored for people in transit, who are visiting Rwanda for a short time. Trekking amongst the mountain Gorillas  is one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime.

Best of Rwanda

12 days of Rwanda's bestowed beauty
From $

Offer: Get a free Park entry
USD 30

Relax on the soothing sandy beaches with gently pounding waves surrounded by majestic mountains. Visit water springs, local community projects and participate in tea harvesting in the neighboring local communities.

Inside Nyungwe

6 days of nature walks & bird safaris
From $

Offer: Free visit to the waterfall
USD 50

The only place where you can see more than five primate species in a single location, in troops of 400 to 500 individuals. This is the place to partake of bird watching and explore many unique features like waterfalls.


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